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public python package that maybe should be privite.

Newbe type question.

My upstream python program also has a python package that it uses. It is now 
setup to be a public package.

But maybe it should be made private.

It could, in theory, be used by another program but;
It has almost no documentation or comments including the special python 
comments that turn into documentation. Anyone wishing to use this package 
would have to study the source code.

Should I drop a bug on the upstream and turn this into an undocumented public 
debian package?

If so, is there any special trick to separate the files that go with the new 

Or should I drop a bug on the upstream and turn it into a private python 
package, installed in a non public place?

If I should do this, what is the standard, established, way of altering the 
various python  path type variables so that import still finds this moved 

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