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Re: py.test is not in debian anymore

here a couple of short comments:

- why do you build for all python versions and then only install 
  for the default versions?  

- in override_dh_auto_test, it would probably be better not to
  introduce your own ENABLE_TESTS flag. you should rely on the
  DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS variable. something like this should do:
  ifeq (,$(filter nocheck,$(DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS)))

- why did you choose to rename the py.test script for python3 to
  py3.test? I think the upstream convention of having
  py.test-2.6, py.test-2.7, py.test-3.2, etc., seems
  more sensible and also consistent with other packages (see for 
  example ipython: ipython2.6 ipython2.7 ...)
  at the end one could have a py.test link to point to the 
  py.test-2.x where x is the default (probably 7 for wheezy), and
  same thing for the python3 version, where py.test-3 may point to 
  py.test-3.2 on wheezy.


PS to the list: is this kind of conversation appropriate for
debian-python or should it better stay private to keep the noise level

On Wed 28 Mar, 18:28, Simon Chopin wrote:
> debian-python@lists.debian.org Cc-ed.
> On Wed, 28 Mar 2012 20:55:54 +0200, Tiziano Zito <tiziano.zito@bccn-berlin.de> wrote:
> > hi simon,
> Hi !
> > 
> > I am a user of py.test and maintainer of the python-mdp package,
> > which used to suggest python-py and used py.test. 
> > now that py.test is not contained in python-py anymore, I was
> > thinking about filing an RFP for pytest.
> > you already filed an ITP for that, which is owesome :) 
> > yarik, a seasoned DD in Cc, would be willing to sponsor, but 
> > being really busy, asked me to help him review your package.
> > if you agree I could send you my comments about your package, so
> > that with the help of yarik you can make it fit for a speedy 
> > upload to debian. 
> > 
> > what do you think?
> Only good things :-). The more review the package gets, the better it
> should become. Unfortunately, I have virtually no free time until next
> week, which means I will not be able to address any comment you could
> have ATM. As I intend to package pytest under the umbrella of the DPMT, the
> packaging is in its SVN, and I added an RFS for it on the TODO wiki
> page.
> Cheers,
> Simon
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