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Re: PyPI to Debian repository converter (GSoC 2012 project)

2012/4/29 Andrew Straw <strawman@astraw.com>:
> (I'm coming at this very late - apologies for only noticing your email now.)
> What you describe is exactly the pypi-install command of stdeb:
> http://github.com/astraw/stdeb .

Stdeb is one of the programs that I intend to use. I agreed with my
mentor that in the beginning we should focus on packages for Python 3,
so I'll have to adapt stdeb or pkgme to this ​​(which at this time
work with Python 2 only).

Please note, that the tool that I intend to write, will be designed to
convert as many PyPI packages as possible and making them available in
a deb repository (for the selected version of Debian), and then update
them when new versions of existing libraries or brand new libraries
will appear. One of challenges will be determining dependencies
required during build process.

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