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Re: autopkgtest'ing against multiple Python versions

* Brian Sutherland <brian@vanguardistas.net>, 2012-04-30, 19:47:
How are you actually running the tests with adt-run. Did you actually setup a testbed, or is there now an easy way to run the tests?

When you apply the patch from bug #648148, you can use your host system as testbed. You run this in an unpacked (and built, if needed) source tree:

adt-run ./ --- adt-virt-null

But since the patch breaks other (unrelated) things, and I found adt-run rather user-unfriendly, and I couldn't easily understand its source code, I ended up writing my own simplistic DEP-8 test runner:


The script depends on the following packages:

python (>= 2.7) | python-argparse, python-debian,

Do you run the tests against the code installed via the .deb package or on the code in the unpacked source?

The former. The specification reads: “the tests must test the INSTALLED version of the program.”

Jakub Wilk

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