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Re: how to take a public package private?

* Ben Finney <ben+debian@benfinney.id.au>, 2012-04-30, 14:09:
That said, there doesn't appear to be much easily-found documentation on
how to do that with the available tools. The best I can find is:

   Add these three lines [to ‘debian/rules’]:

           python setup.py install --root=debian/charm --install-layout=deb --install-lib=/usr/share/charm --install-scripts=/usr/share/charm

   This is the important part, it will tell distutils that we want to use
   private directory. This directory is not in sys.path, so charm script is
   installed (via --install-scripts) to this directory as well --root is
   distutils ' DESTDIR

   We have to add override_dh_auto_build: line because dh detected setup.py
   file and wants to build modules for all.

But why is the override empty?

Jakub Wilk

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