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Re: pythonX.Y maintenance team

On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 10:13:02AM -0400, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> I will be direct.

Thanks! I really appreciate.

> So far, the solicitation has been for co-maintainers with morph.  I think it 
> would only be fair to make a similar call for co-maintainers with doko.  

... but hold right there :-) If that is what you perceived from what _I_
wrote, I should make clear that it was not my intention. The first call
for volunteers I've sent on this list was meant to be neutral. I really
wanted to know who is *potentially* interested to co-maintain pythonX.Y
in *some* team.

I've never meant to imply "forced" co-maintenance among all the people
who volunteer, let alone co-maintenance specifically with someone. In my
intention, a broad call for volunteers was just a first step before a
second one during which incompatibilities among the people who
volunteered should have been identified (I didn't make that explicit
before simply because that step might be unneeded --- e.g. if a single
person had volunteered :-P).

So, if anyone did not volunteer due to the fact that others did, please

Similarly, it would be helpful to do what Scott has just done:
clarifying what the incompatibilities among the (potential) volunteers

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