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Re: RFS: python3-dateutil

* Thomas Kluyver <thomas@kluyver.me.uk>, 2012-04-03, 20:57:
Your get-orig-source target tries to support being invoked from any directory, but this doesn't work:
You're right. I've used `pwd` now instead of . and it appears to work.

Hmm, didn't help here:

$ ../trunk/debian/rules get-orig-source
py3versions: error parsing Python-Version attribute
uscan --noconf --force-download --rename --download-current-version --destdir=`pwd` ../trunk/debian//..
make: *** [get-orig-source] Error 1

I took a closer look at your watch file:

"uversionmangle=s/\.(tar.*|tgz|zip|gz|bz2)$//i" - why put this stuff to upstream version in the first place? [*]

"dversionmangle=s/[-.+~]?(cvs|svn|git|snapshot|pre|hg|dfsg)(.*)$//i" - stripping dfsg is correct, but stripping cvs, svn etc. parts is wrong. dversionmangle is supposed to map Debian version to upstream version. But if you packaged a VCS snapshot, then no upstream version corresponding to Debian version exist.

Stripping "pre" (or more generally: ~<something>) is even worse, because it's fooling uscan into thinking that Debian version is newer than it actually is.

"pasv" - this makes no sense for HTTP. (Even for FTP, I don't believe there's much point in putting this option to debian/watch.)

"-?_?" - this should have probably been "[-_]".

"([\d+\.]+|\d+)" is equivalent to much simpler "([\d+.]+)". Though maybe you actually meant "((\d+\.)+|\d+)", which is something different.

"(tar.*|tgz|zip|gz|bz2|)" - you should use non-capturing (?:...) here to fix [*]. Also, I don't see any point in keeping "gz", "bz2" or an empty string in the alternative.

Jakub Wilk

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