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Re: How do I add support for python3 to my package?

On Apr 18, 2012, at 03:09 AM, Paul Elliott wrote:

>I am not a expert python packager. I am dubious about a bunch of cargo cult 
>packagers all writing seperate but similar debian/rules complications.

That's why I wrote the style guide; hopefully at least we'll converge on one
set of (well-documented!) cargo. :)

>It seems like one is creating a lot of debugging/maintainance problems.
>Why can not some expert that really know what she is doing write the 
>neccessary infrastructure so that one could write
>> %:
>>         dh $@ --with python2-and-python3
>I am not an expert and not particularly interested in joining a cargo cult.
>I think that would be a better way to encourage python3 extensions.

As Piotr and Stefano pointed out, multibuild will make many things better.
Still, IMHO we should not wait for multibuild to start adding Python 3
support to Debian packages.

If upstream supports Python 3, I would really love to have that available in
Debian asap.


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