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Re: How do I add support for python3 to my package?

Hi Paul,

On Apr 12, 2012, at 02:09 AM, Paul Elliott wrote:

>A recent review of my package asked me to consider making a python3 version.

Excellent!  One more down the road to Python 3 world domination. :)

>But the response below says that is difficult. It is several months old, has 
>this changed?

I think it's not so hard, and you should definitely do it.  It's true that the
tools need to catch up to Python 3, but I think most packages can be adapted
to include python3-* versions without too much trouble.

You might find this wiki page helpful:


>The other problem is that the package is an extension and there is currently 
>no python3 program to test it. Should packagers create a python3 extension 
>even if there is no way to test it? It might be a chicken and egg problem.

I'm not sure what you mean by "no python3 program to test it".  You can and
should create the Python 3 extension modules.  `apt-get install python3`
should do the trick, right?


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