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Re: How do I add support for python3 to my package?

On Wednesday, April 18, 2012 03:09:35 PM Paul Elliott wrote:
> On Wednesday, April 18, 2012 02:46:33 PM Scott Kitterman wrote:
> > No.  You'd need overrides for a python3 only source package as well.  The
> > fundamental problem is debhelper doesn't know about building for python3.
> > That doesn't change no matter how many source packages you split it up
> > into.
> > 
> > Scott K
> I think you have just put your finger on another problem then.
> Nobody thinks python3 is important enough to have a debhelper
> infrastructure?
> My upstream tells me he does not know of any python3 programs using his
> module.
> Maybe I should delay python3 support then.

Your call.  It's a chicken/egg problem.  If Python 3 modules aren't provided, 
application developers won't use them.  If application developers don't use 
Python 3 modules, people don't worry about packaging them.  It's not very hard 
to support, so I would recommend doing it and help move things forward.

The work to properly support Python 3 is in progress, it just isn't done yet.  
Debian is a volunteer project and sometimes (as in this case) people don't 
have as much time as they had anticipated and things take longer.  We all 
agree it's important.

Scott K

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