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Re: PyPI to Debian repository converter (GSoC 2012 project)

On Mon, 30 Apr 2012, Natalia Frydrych wrote:
> Please note, that the tool that I intend to write, will be designed to
> convert as many PyPI packages as possible and making them available in
> a deb repository (for the selected version of Debian), and then update
> them when new versions of existing libraries or brand new libraries
> will appear. One of challenges will be determining dependencies
> required during build process.

With such a massive automated "packaging" it would be great if from day
0 you would think about adding build-time testing into the
pipeline. It should be quite easy to discover if module carries any
unittests (grep for unittest ;) ) and what should be the way to run them
(many modules provide .test(), or are testable with 'nosetest module').
It would provide you assurance that generated packages are usable by the
users, thus reduce future frustration / bug reports about broken

Just my .1 cents.

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