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Re: how to take a public package private?

[Ben Finney, 2012-04-30]
> Paul Elliott <pelliott@blackpatchpanel.com> writes:
> > My package uses a package that it makes public. What is the standard, 
> > established way to take that package private?
> In the absence of better-informed answers (please, knowledgeable Debian
> Python people, help us out with this information!):
> The Debian Python Policy says:
>     A program using /usr/bin/python as interpreter can come up with
>     private Python modules. These modules should be installed in
>     /usr/share/module, or /usr/lib/module if the modules are
>     architecture-dependent (e.g. extensions).
>     <URL:http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/python-policy/ch-programs.html#s-current_version_progs>

I will change that to /usr/share/package-name/module and
/usr/lib/package-name/module if no one objects
(adding /usr/share or /usr/lib to sys.path is not a good idea, we don't
do that so policy should be updated)
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