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as choking on stage2/asm.S Booting HURD Can't boot again :( Debian GNU/Hurd installation Debian Hurd installation Questions Re: /dev/fd/4 /dev/fd/4 ?? device to small for superlblock? Re: device to small for superlblock?(SOLVED) eecchhoo<return><return> Ewww! Qwerty! Few questions fstab GNU GRUB webpage Re: grub build failure - never mind :-( grub: mounting ext2fs on GNU/Hurd partitions. hurd multiple questions... I'd like to join your mailing group [ A message for the debian-hurd list] impressions from a hurd newbie Re: Installation Install attempt Installing Hurd RE: Installing HURD from scratch Re: ÁÁÀº Á¤º¸¸¦ ¾Ë·Áµå¸³´Ï´Ù!! ^_~ it doesn't work Japanese translation of the GNU GRUB webpage log based filesystems Re: Lurker's Question Make dpkg following symlinks? naming of gzip'ed gnumach and serverboot native mount. "New" Installation Method of the Hurd, please tes, develop and comment new packages New packages and work in progress NIC Cards Perl Package rtl8139.c too memory hungry for mach. shared libs error some debs svgalib I/O permission Text mode support in new video cards This may sound a bit strange... Unidentified subject! update to webpages, including packages to port VMWare and GNU/HURD web page update Why it's so slow? Your opinion about GNU/HURD (and vmware) 帳ϴ!!^_~ ˷帳ϴ!! ^_~ The last update was on 20:10 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 167 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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