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Re: "New" Installation Method of the Hurd, please tes, develop and comment

On Fri, Jul 23, 1999 at 05:35:05PM -0400, Roland McGrath was heard to say:
> >   What's the status of that?  (and if support isn't explicitly there..
> I'm not sure how well it's been tested, but it is all there.
> You should realize that there is substantially more risk to your existing
> filesystem this way than giving the Hurd its own filesystem in one way or
> another.  It has been a very long time since anyone has seen a Hurd bug
> that scribbled on a filesystem, but if the Hurd scribbles on your
> filesystem it could in theory get corrupted such that you lose data from
> the other directories on the filesystem (your Linux portion).
> The other way to go is to make an ext2fs in a file on your filesystem.
> Then figure out what disk blocks that file is on (hopefully it's
> contiguous, but it doesn't have to be).  Then you can use -Tremap with a
> blocklist to tell your hurd bootstrap filesystem to use a virtual disk made
> up of those particular disk blocks.  The details have been posted here
> before, search the list archives for `remap'.

  Hmm.  This sounds pretty interesting, I'll have to consider looking into it.
I just realized though that I have e2compr (compression for ext2fs) compiled
into my kernel, which would cause Mach/the Hurd (I'm not clear on which does the
actual mounting..I think it's the Hurd??) to refuse to mount the partition
(while I could easily create an uncompressed directory for the Hurd's filesystem
 to be put in, e2compr sets a feature-flag on the filesystem..)


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