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Re: Debian GNU/Hurd installation

> Not needed. If the zip'ed stuff is on the first disk, we can compress the
> second disk as a whole. There is no need to zip individual files inside this
> then. So I understood correctly that libstore would turn the zip'ed disk
> image into sort of a unzip'ed ram-disk filesystem? 

Yes, exactly.

> However, we might need _some_ writable space for temporary state data (I
> am not sure).  Is the file system in memory really read only or do you
> only mean that it can't be written back? If it could be turned into a
> writable ram disk, that's all we need really.

Yes, that is exactly what it does.  What I meant by "read-only" is that you
cannot write back to the disk at all, only to the memory image (i.e. this
is not general purpose compression support, which we will have one day but
is much more complicated to implement).

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