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Re: Debian GNU/Hurd installation

Newer computers will boot from CD-ROM.  You could create a bootable CD
distribution of the Hurd, it seems to me.  I would guess that many of
those who are interested in trying the Hurd would have access to a CD-R
writer, so the CD would not need to be distributed, only an image.

For installation on older computers, perhaps a floppy with only GRUB
on it could load the Hurd from a CD.  I don't know anything about

(So far I have only thought about installing the Hurd. A simple method
like this would make the decision much easier.)

Greg Ball

On Sat, 24 Jul 1999, Vitaly Lugovsky wrote:

> May be I missed something, but I think, that the only way to create an
> installable-by-dummie Hurd distribution is a set of installation disks
> based on some other OS kernel: Linux or *BSD. Hurd is a way too big
> for installation from floppy. Is there anyone working on such an installation
> initrd package?

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