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Installing Hurd

Hi there,

what is the usual way to install Debian GNU/Hurd from scratch? I would have
thought there should be a root image somewhere that can simply be untarred
to a new partition to start out from, but I could not find anything like
that on the Debian FTP-server. I have a debian Linux system running and
could start out from there, but I could not make up a way to get the basic
system on the new partition.

Another question: Where do I find information about the partition naming in
GNUmach? I tried to install the GNU Hurd system from the GNU server (Date.
~1997...) but I never got over the point where the file /boot/servers.boot
is searched. My guess is, that I did not specify the partition correctly.
(To GRUB, (hd0,5) does the thing, what would be the appropriate name for

Thanks for help.


PS: Please CC me. I just subscribed to the list, and I do not know whether
it will work already.
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