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Re: VMWare and GNU/HURD

On Mon, Jul 19, 1999 at 12:15:38PM -0400, David Andrews wrote:
> 8.  GNU HURD booted up like a charm.  I was amazed and laughed like a
>     maniac.  My wife thought I'd lost my mind.


I have tried now, and I didn't laugh ;)

I was able to install DOS and Debian without problems. I tried to use VMware
with rawdisk access to install the Hurd, but this didn't work because GRUB
could only see a Disk Geometry error when feed with the 10 GB disk. VMware
(or the Phoenix BIOS) didn't play well with Grub. I don't know who is

Anyway, I ended up using a virtual device for the Hurd. I made this 300 MB,
installed Debian on a 50 MB partition and installed the Hurd on the other
partition, using cross-install and the packages. On a Pentium 100, this
takes quite a while, vmware is a bit slow :)

GNU Mach booted, and the Hurd came up. It did load all servers, etx2fs,
exec, init, auth.

Then it just hung there. Maybe it just takes very long to proceed? What
were your experiences?

What I like about VMware is the virtual network, really the only feature I
could make use of, because I have only a single computer.


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