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Re: Can't boot again :(


On Sat, 24 Jul 1999, Vitaly Lugovsky wrote:
>  :(
>  It doesn't work. I'm using the following command lines in Grub:
> root= (hd1,0)
> kernel= /boot/gnumach hd2s1
> module= /boot/serverboot
> boot
	This will happen if you don't press the 'c' key (for command
mode) when the GRUB menu is displayed; remember you have to do this
when you are booting using GRUB, if you have not already changed its
default settings; still it will prompt you to enter the pathname of the
file servers.boot, just type /dev/hd2s1/boot/servers.boot.

>  Then gnumach boots, and serverboot module tries to load it's configuration
> from /dev/hd0a/boot/servers.boot!!!! Why?!?
> And, when I tell it to look for /dev/hd2s1/boot/servers.boot it just
> hangs. :(
>  Can it be a hardware problem, or something with ext2?
	This could be due to a corrupt .deb file, for safety reasons,
download each file once again, and don't use the .debs from the GNU/Linux
distribution; they won't work.

>  Before I can boot Hurd I can't do any debug, 'cause of I can't set up
> a cross-compilation from my Linux box :(
	The script 'cross-install' has to run succesfully, if it doesn't
then try running again; but keep it in mind that even if this script runs
perfectly, it does not mean that everything is OK; you have to cross

	Good Luck ...

Ashutosh S. Rajekar

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