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Re: device to small for superlblock?(SOLVED)

Mark Kettenis wrote:
> Yngvi wrote:
>>    At first I was using gnumach(-classic) but it always hangs after
>>    initializing my SCSI adapter (on board adaptec  aic7800) so I switched
>>    to gnumach-lite from march 10. An now I get get the following
>>    error message:
>>    ext2fs:hd1s1:panic:main:device too small for superblock (0 bytes)
> This is caused by a bug in GNUmach.  It is fixed now.  You could try
> to (cross) compile GNUmach (version 1.2, available at ftp.gnu.org)
> yourself with only the drivers you need.
> Mark

Thanks Mark

I compiled a new kernel with only floppy and ide support, and now it
For anyone interested, my kernel image can be had at:

it unpacks as boot/gnumach-decaf

boot in GRUB I do
kernel=/boot/gnumach-decaf root=hd1s1 -s

I don't know if it is normal, but at first boot
I had to press all keys twice, but after native-install 
and a reboot one keystroke is enough.

Now I will start looking for some serial communications.


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