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Re: Debian Hurd installation Questions

On Fri, Jul 30, 1999 at 12:06:13AM +0200, Reinhard Vicinus wrote:
> first I must say: I got it run !!! YES !!! :-)


> But I also must do some handwork. :-(

I'm sorry. We are trying to make it as convenient as possible, but can't
prepare for all possible situations.

> Therefore here are my question:
> I) Is there some space limitation for the root disk?

Definitely, and not only for the root disk. No Hurd partition must be
greater than the amount of memory GNU Mach can address, as the whole disk is
mapped into memory. There is a limitation of about 1GB. Yes, this is a bug
and needs to be fixed.

Matthew, is this actually mentioned in the easy guide? If not, it must go
into it.

> I don't now if it's important: the smaller partition is "before"
> the bigger.

Unless you have a very big drive (13 GB?) this shouldn't be a problem.

> II) Does anybody now, why I get those error message:
> scsidisk I/O error: dev 08:03, sector 28, absolute sector 1220968

No, sorry. Do you get this at boot time or later?

> III) Is there a way to get the messages at boottime back, like "dmesg"
> because I got other error message but they scroll to fast over the screen.

Not yet, unfortunately. Someone needs to do something about the kernel
logger and also port the Linux syslog daemon.

If you got messages about not detected hardware that's okay. You don't have
all the hardware for that support is compiled into the kernel. There are
some other error messages at boot time that are not considered to bne
> IV) Can it be that in the new hurd_19990725 package is an failure?

Definitely not :) It has lots of nice features...

> because init try to run at boot time /libexec/runsystem but there is only
> a file /libexec/runsystem.gnu and after I copied runsystem.gnu to 
> runsystem I got no error messages. ( Ok, it was try and error, but it
> worked. I hope :-/ )

Argh, okay, that's a bug in cross-install, it doesn't do the right thing
here... I forgot to update it. Thanks for pointing out, will be fixed

> PS: This was my second english "paper" after school. I hope you understand
> it. :-/

Perfectly fine.


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