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it doesn't work

i've downloaded and installed debian gnu/hurd onto debian 2.1.
after running cross-install i've tried to boot it. it didn't work:

Hurd server bootstrap: ext2fs.static [hd0s8] execext2fs.static:
../../libdiskfs/boot-start.c:416: diskfs_execboot_fsys_startup: Unespected
error: No such file or directory.
memory_object_data_request (0x0, 0x0, 0x2000, 0x1000, 0x1) failed, 268435459.

any corrupted debs?
cross-install seemed to work, but it said me something like "dpkg has returned some strange
things..." is there any log?

Guido Casiraghi http://users.iol.it/czk/
		email: czk@cyberjunkie.com

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