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Re: VMWare and GNU/HURD

On Mon, Jul 19, 1999 at 06:22:42PM -0400, Allover Stripes wrote:
> Cool.  That would make it feasible to try it on my big machine instead
> of a 386... so much nicer.  I'd have to buy vmware, alas.  Tempting. 

Try the evaluation version.
> Bochs is also not free.  It is, however, cheaper IIRC. 

Yep, right. $25. You are correct that I meant freemware. 

> The project you are thinking of is freemware, which is by the same
> author and includes what he describes as the hard parts of bochs.  It
> will be LGPL.  See http://www.freemware.org/.  It has a long way to go. 

Yes. They have a very small kernel now that does virtually nothing, so they
can try their virtualization layer... mmh.
> The GNU guidelines used to say something like "we'll only use non-free
> sofware if we're working on a free implementation", but this was back
> when you couldn't run an all-free system.  So if you use VMware, RMS
> is liable to frown at you.  I wish freemware worked... I wish I knew
> enough to be useful...

I am not part of GNU, although I share lots of their ideals and goals. I
will use the evaluation version of vmware if I think it gains me something.
Unfortunately, as always with proprietary software, it seems to lack a bit
:) At least for me it does not run the Hurd, and I have no idea how I could
try to fix the problems. I will certainly not spend much time on it.
Rebooting is not a big deal for me, and with the ever increasing stability
and usability of the Hurd, rebooting to Linux might become unnecessary
sometime in the not-too-distant future :)


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