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new packages


biff	0.10-1
iselect	1.1-0.2
lftp	1.1.981023-1
most	4.8.1-0.1
par	1.50-4
psutils	1.17-6
recode	3.4.1-11

I know that no of these packages are very important, but I wanted some
quick successes and they were all quite easy. Currently I am stuck with bsd
games, which turns out to be more difficult than all of the above together :)
(no real problems, but some annoying things).

gdb	4.18-1		seems to work

This one is heavily patched by Mark Kettenis and works great, whereas 4.17
doesn't seems to work anymore even on simple programs. Everyone please
upgrade to 4.18. Installing the libc0.2-dbg libs and setting

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/lib/libc_debug:/X11R6/lib

you can see in which function a segfault occurs. Send us the backtrace
("bt") and we will be able to find out the problem faster.

gnumach	1.2-1		works

This one has the promised fixed network card autodetection, so if it still
doesn't recognize your network card, send in a bug report!  If it does
recognize the card incorrectly, send also a report. If you can, try to
compile GNU Mach with different orders in linux/dev/driver/net/Space.c and
report which order works. If you have multiple cards, try them all.


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