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some debs

Hi !

I compiled some packages for the hurd, here are the results:

Compiles and runs without modifications. (I found a mail in the debian-hurd 
archive regarding the compilation of ssh, but I was not sure, if this was
also about ssh2)

Compiles and runs without modifications.
(Use of tcl enabled, use of inews and sendmail disabled)

Compiles and runs without modifications.

was including non-existent <sys/mount.h>. Also had to include <sys/statfs.h>, 
so that "struct statfs" could be found during compilation. I have made a diff, 
which I will send upstream if there are no objections (I am new to porting 
anything, should I send this to the debian maintainer of the packet, 
or the upstream maintainer ?). I could not install it anyway, since it depends 
on cron. 
(see below)

Misses the definition of MAXPATHLEN in <sys/param.h>. I have installed 
libc0.2-dev 2.1.1-12. Is there any packet I have missed to install or is there 
no such definition ? After defining MAXPATHLEN myself just for 
testing-purposes it compiled well...

Same problem of MAXPATHLEN as with pmake.

And a question:
I have installed dpkg Version, when I run it with 
--print-gnu-build-architecture, I get:

shoggoth:/src# dpkg --print-gnu-build-architecture
dpkg: warning, architecture `i386' not in remapping table

Is this correct, shouldn't it mean "hurd-i386" ?

bye, Robert

Robert Stepanek  (Public PGP-key on demand)   eMail: rost@lo-res.org
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