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Re: some debs

On Sat, 3 Jul 1999, Roland McGrath wrote:
> Great!  Thanks for the help!  Are your packages available to get on the net?
No, I think I have to be registered as a developer at debian, am I right ?
> The best thing is for (upstream) packages to change to using the POSIX.1
> interface for this.  That, is use PATH_MAX if defined, else use
> sysconf(_SC_PATH_MAX), and if that returns -1, then handle having no
> determinable limit on file name sizes; that is what POSIX.1 requires an
> application to do.  (On the Hurd, PATH_MAX is not defined and
> sysconf(_SC_PATH_MAX) does indeed return -1, because there is in fact no
> determinable limit.)  

Thanks for the hint. I will go over the source again, and look, what can
be done...

bye, Robert

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