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Re: Installing Hurd

>>>>> Norbert Nemec writes:

 NN> Hi there, what is the usual way to install Debian GNU/Hurd from
 NN> scratch?




 NN> I would have thought there should be a root image
 NN> somewhere that can simply be untarred to a new partition to start
 NN> out from,

Marcus and Matthew---could you please add the following URL to your


In that directory, there is a gnu-YYYYMMDD.tar.gz file that contains
the root image.  Follow the directions in the Easy Guide for
information on how to use it.

 NN> Another question: Where do I find information about the partition
 NN> naming in GNUmach?

That's in the Easy Guide, which you'll be able to find in both of the
above http URLs.

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