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Re: Debian GNU/Hurd installation

On Sat, Jul 24, 1999 at 09:19:26PM +0400, Vitaly Lugovsky wrote:
> May be I missed something, but I think, that the only way to create an
> installable-by-dummie Hurd distribution is a set of installation disks
> based on some other OS kernel: Linux or *BSD. Hurd is a way too big
> for installation from floppy. Is there anyone working on such an installation
> initrd package?

Currently, there are non such disks and there is nobody working on it.
Personally, I want to have a stable base system before I even think of
install disks. What are install disks good for if all you can install is
"crap"? (okay, it's not crap, but there are some known issues, and with
current perl changes the ftp archive is quite a mess. Expect return to
sanity soon :)

So, if you want to work on the installation, I would recommend that you try
the -Tremap approach first (booting a Hurd inside an existing filesystem)
because this is promising and needs no repartitioning on existing systems.
I think more people will want to try the Hurd who have already Linux or BSD:
Those who have a spare maschine can install a small Debian installation
without too much trouble, or use a boot Linux to get the tar file installed.

If you really want to work on boot floppies, the last thing I heard is that
Gordon still prefers putting GNU Mach/Hurd on the boot floppies. I don't
know how difficult this is, but you are right, you would have to be careful
to fit everything into the small floppies. If you succeed with this, let
us know!
>  And the other topic: why gnu-199904... trying to fsck after fs mount?

Oh, what would you expect?


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