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Re: Why it's so slow?

>  I just noticed that Hurd is TOO slow on my hardware, about 3 times against
> Linux. It slows down on file operations and while executing bash scripts.
> Dynamic loading is not fast too. Is there any recomendations about performance
> tuning? Can I boot Hurd using any other Mach3 implementation?

The Hurd is still very much in development. A lot of these speed issues
will eventually be resolved but you should be aware that the Hurd imposes
more overhead than something like Linux. This makes the Hurd more robust
and powerful, but at a slight performance hit.

>  And the last one: WHERE IS ifconfig?!?! I want to see the network from 
> the Hurd!!!!

Use the server 'pfinet' for this. The way to go about it is:

settrans /servers/socket/2 /hurd/pfinet --address=x.x.x.x
--interface=eth0 --gateway=x.x.x.x --netmask=x.x.x.x

pfinet --help should work too. :)

Michael Bacarella

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