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update to webpages, including packages to port


I updated the web pages a bit. This includes bug fixes, adding some more
info, and adding the Hurd documentation (from hurd.texi) in a browsable

Also, there is now information about which Debian packages need to be ported
and common porting issues. This is a new page, so it has probably some bugs
and is missing a lot of stuff.
(that would be www.debian.org/ports/hurd/hurd-port)

The information will appear the next time the web pages are generated
automatically from the CVS repository, which is somewhen in the next 24
hours (I don't know the exact time).

Also, due to the translation team, some of the pages are now available in
croatian! Kudos to the translators for their work.

Maintaining the web pages via CVS is a lot of fun. Browse them regularly, I
will add a lot of stuff the next days/weeks.


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