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hurd multiple questions...

Hi there...

Having just installed the hurd... (a fun-filled experience for both me
and the hurd :-)
Having those dummy perl packages makes life a nightmare.... - do you
think that the base/perl* packages could be replaced with their perl5
equivalents real-soon-now [tm], so the hurd is properly installable?

Could the easy install guide be updated to remove the timezones package
from the "required packages" list?

Any idea why when I try to  view my linux partition I get a:
/dev/hd1s1: device not configured (or something like that)
(having done an apparently successful settrans, and I used MAKEDEV to
make hd1 and hd1s1)

Why do I get a "gratuitous error" when doing a ls -l on /dev?

What's the story with ppp and pthreads support in the hurd? These seem
to be the biggest and most annoying things missing to me.

Peter Hawkins
Internet Solutions Australia (ACN 077 685 011)
Ph: 1300 369 990   - Fax: 02 6230 4455

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