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Re: device to small for superlblock?

   Date: Fri, 02 Jul 1999 05:11:31 +0000
   From: Yngvi Thor Sigurjonsson <yngvi@hof.is>


   I am having trouble starting hurd and would really appreciate it if
   someone could help me out. I won't promise I can help the hurd effort
   but I am willing to try if can get the beasts running.

   At first I was using gnumach(-classic) but it always hangs after
   initializing my SCSI adapter (on board adaptec  aic7800) so I switched
   to gnumach-lite from march 10. An now I get get the following
   error message:
   ext2fs:hd1s1:panic:main:device too small for superblock (0 bytes)

This is caused by a bug in GNUmach.  It is fixed now.  You could try
to (cross) compile GNUmach (version 1.2, available at ftp.gnu.org)
yourself with only the drivers you need.


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