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Re: Make dpkg following symlinks?

Marcus Brinkmann <Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de> writes:

> I think we should really think about adding this to our hacked version of
> dpkg. The idea is that dpkg shoud not store /usr/foo/bar in it's database
> when installing through the symlink but /foo/bar.
> I haven't checked the dpkg source wrt this issue, but I think it shouldn't
> be too hard to hack it. Please give me your opinion if this is a good idea.
> What could go wrong?

I use (on my Debian GNU/Linux system) symlinks to maintain a virtual
system image.  So, conceptually, I have all the right things under
/usr, while in fact some of them are on other partitions for space
reasons.  Since my partitions change not infrequently, I use symlinks
to stick whole trees on different partitions.  As it happens, I don't
do this for anything Debian manages. 

To clarify: I have several partitions.  One is mounted on /, another
on /antelope.  /usr/local/dl and /home/allover/audio are symlinks to
different directories under /antelope.  I can't accurately predict
their sizes, so it's not practical to have them on different
partitions.  If I later decide to move /usr/local/dl onto a third
partition, and if Debian has resolved the realpath()s of any files on
it, then Bad Things will happen.


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