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naming of gzip'ed gnumach and serverboot


the next versions of the Debian packages will have gnumach and serverboot
gzip'ed, because this uses less disk space and GRUB supports this fine.

First, let me note that this will force everyone to upgrade his GRUB. I
will make sure that a simple boot floppy image is available, that can be
used to install a recent GRUB on Hard disk, too, before uploading the
packages. (The older Grub that was shipped with gnu-0.2 has a problem with
serverboot being compressed).

I would like a general opinion about the filenames to use. Should we use


for the gzip'ed files, or should we store the gzip'ed files under the
standard names


The first solution has the advantage that it is obvious to the user that the
files are simply gzip'ed, and you can conveniently gunzip them if needed.
The second solution has the advantage that you don't need to change the
filename in exisitng GRUB menu.lst files.

Personally, I think the first is better, because it is only a one time
inconvenience for the people who already have an installation. The latter
does affect everyone from now in the future and you never know if it is a
gzip'ed version of the kernel or not until you check with "file".


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