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Re: Debian GNU/Hurd installation

> May be I missed something, but I think, that the only way to create an
> installable-by-dummie Hurd distribution is a set of installation disks
> based on some other OS kernel: Linux or *BSD.

The trouble is, that way you might install something that doesn't work
due to differing hardware compatibility of the Hurd and the other
kernel. The result would be annoying people and making a very bad

When you install Debian GNU/Linux, the kernel you put onto the hard
disc is the same one you booted with off the floppy, so if you manage
to install it, then you know it works. (The only thing that sometimes
goes wrong is booting off the hard disc subsequently. That's why part
of the installation procedure is making a boot floppy.)

So I say, if you can't boot the Hurd directly off floppy or floppies,
then don't bother with installation floppies at all.


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