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Re: impressions from a hurd newbie

Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> Argh :) I hope Roland can find a fix for this. Which partition names did you
> use?

/dev/hd0s4b (it's the equivalent of the freebsd partition /dev/wd0s4b i
guess, that's where my swap is).
i'm going on vacation soon, i'll be offline for a month. i can try
anything you want me to when i come back, sometime in mid august.

> Yes, you can simply create an empty file of the needed size ("dd
> if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=1024k count=128" and then put this into
> boot/servers.boot:
> /dev/hd0s2/swapfile $(add-paging-file)
> Or whereever it is. You can't add swap files with swapon.

thanks, it worked, now i can play with hurd without rebooting every 30
minutes with a (default pager) :-)


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