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Re: Ewww! Qwerty!

On Wed, Jul 28, 1999 at 01:53:28AM -0400, Kirstin S. Reese wrote:
> The install went fine, but, I don't see a loadkeys anywhere. How does one
> escape evil qwerty land? Could we put a Dvorak option on the grub & hurd
> for people who don't have a convenient qwerty layout printout?

There is no standard user mechanism to change the keymap.

There is a GNU Mach call to change the keymap, and there are some example
programs in the mailing list archive and in my archive of the GNU hurd
related lists.

I am happy to send the information to a developer who is willing to write a
fancy user program similar to loadkeys or port loadkeys to the Hurd. It
would be best to take a look at the linux console-* packages and to use
their data files. If nobody volunteers, the information will end on the web
page someday, but I have not yet extracted it from the lists (that's why I
would only send it now if someone really wants to write, otherwise I will
postpone this).

Any volunteers? To the Hurd developers: Should this become an external
program or part of the Hurd utils?


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