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Adrien Aubourg

Allan Aguilar

Anders Lagerås

Andreas B. Mundt

Andreas Glaeser

Andreas Metzler

Andreas Tille


Andrew Patterson

Ansgar Burchardt

Anthony F McInerney

Anton Zinoviev

Aurelien Jarno

Axel Beckert

Bastian Blank


Becker GbR

Ben Hutchings


Bill MacAllister

Bjoern Boschman

Breno Leitao

Brian C. Lane

Brian Potkin

Cesare Leonardi

Charles Plessy

Christian PERRIER

Christian T. Steigies

Chris Tillman

Christof Boeckler

Christoph Egger

Christopher Chavez

Colin Watson

Corcodel Marian


Cyril Brulebois

Daniel Baumann

David Goodenough

David Prévot

David Nelson

David Weinehall

Debian Bug Tracking System

Debian FTP Masters

Didier 'OdyX' Raboud

Diederik de Haas

Dimitri John Ledkov

Don Armstrong

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort

Enrico Zini

Fabian Rodriguez

Filippo Rusconi


Floris Bos

Franklin Weng

Frederic Bonnard

Gabor Kiss

Gabriele Giacone


Giorgio Marinelli

Graeme Gregory

Guillem Jover

Gunnar Wolf

Hamilton Turner

Heiko Ernst

Hendrik Boom

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh

Hermann Lauer

Hideki Yamane

Holger Levsen

Holger Wansing

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