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Re: Bug#759189: isolinux: isohybrid dropped, breaking debian-installer builds

[ Again, please keep debian-boot@ in the loop. ]

Daniel Baumann <daniel.baumann@progress-technologies.net> (2014-08-25):
> why did you reassign #759189 back to syslinux? do you require a patch
> for #751731? are there any problems adding syslinux-utils to
> debian-installer build-depends?

Because your package is actively dropping features your reverse
dependencies are using. So please avoid doing so until packages
have been adapted, uploaded, and possibly migrated to testing.

Patches are always appreciated.

About using syslinux-utils in build-depends, I don't know yet.
It'd be nice if someone could take some time to investigate that.
Until that has happened, we're back to: please don't actively
break your reverse dependencies. That's why #759189 belongs to
src:syslinux, and why I reassigned it back.

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