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Re: Bug#485586: debian-installer: Default to graphical install


Le mardi, 19 août 2014, 01.17:02 Cyril Brulebois a écrit :
> The default is "Install" right now, which installs i386. The topic of
> this bug report is switching to "Graphical install" by default, but
> shouldn't we also promote amd64 by default while we're at it? This
> would mean having "64 bit graphical install" as the default.
> => debian-boot/cd@: do we want amd64 by default?

While I don't have a definitive opinion on the ordering of the menu 
choices, I definitively think amd64 should be picked by default on amd64 
architectures. Especially since multiarch, there's no good reason left 
for installing i386 on amd64-capable machines AFAIK.

Now, the ideal would be to use syslinux' ifcpu/ifcpu64 c32 modules to 
determine the menu order depending on the machine (see [0]): no "64 bit" 
option on 32 bit machines, "hidden or down the menu" "32 bit" option on 
64 bit-capable machines.

I'd be happy to iron out some proposals during DebConf, if that idea 
seems interesting.


[0] https://bugs.debian.org/707844#45

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