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Re: Priority of partman-iscsi

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (2014-08-26):
> Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> (2014-08-26):
> > While adding i18n to partman-iscsi, I noticed that it is a sta,ndard
> > component of D-I. My understanding of iSCSI devices is that this is
> > quite a corner case for installation. Therefore, shouldn't the package
> > be "priority: optional". The consequence would be that iSCSI
> > partitioning wouldn't be showing up in partman menus in default
> > installs.....but only when users of expert mode choose to load to udeb.
> I'm no expert but that looks good to me.

OK, I'm going to take that back.

Julien pointed out on IRC that iSCSI is much more common than I initially
thought, as opposed to multipath or nbd (which indeed are optional), and
Colin that hiding iSCSI wouldn't be a huge service to our users.

Therefore it looks to me that standard is the proper value.

If we want to avoid showing untranslated material in a default install, it
might be sufficient to make sure the partman-iscsi/text/configure_iscsi
string is translated in all languages first; and translators can keep up
with the other strings of this package whenever they have time?

I understand extra strings are no fun. But the freeze is still a few weeks
away, and l10n-{only,mostly} uploads/migrations are very much possible;
remember the bulk of l10n changes I reviewed/approved during the wheezy
freeze. ;)


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