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Bug#758096: tasksel: Allow to select specific packages during installation - just "DE", "Web server", "Mail server" is NOT enough

Vitaliy Filippov <vitalif@yourcmc.ru> (2014-08-14):
> Package: tasksel
> Version: 3.20
> Severity: important
> Tags: d-i
> Hi!
> Inspired by the last discussion about default gnome3 in the installer
> I want to say that now the tasksel itself very inconvenient.
> During installation, it just offers you with very broadly defined
> "desktop environment", "web server", "mail server" and etc.
> You can't choose what DE you want, what mail server you want etc;
> moreover you can't even know what each option is!
> I think it renders tasksel nearly useless - I must always uncheck
> all tasks and install everything manually. Some people said the same
> in that last discussion.
> tasksel should offer a selection (submenu?) for each option, at least
> with most popular packages. For example it's really critical that
> you should be able to select between KDE, XFCE and gnome3; maybe also
> MATE and etc. For mail server - at least exim/postfix... And so on.
> It seems it's a rather simple feature - maybe it's even possible to
> implement it before releasing jessie?

Did you read the first reply in this thread?


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