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Bug#757417: libparted2-udeb: breaks auto-lvm in d-i

Package: libparted2-udeb
Version: 3.2-1
Severity: serious
Justification: what subject says

[X-D-Cc: -boot@, please keep it in the loop.]


3.2-1 had this alignment bug that prevented at least two scenarios in
guided mode (with a blank disc) from working properly:
 - Full disc installation
 - Full disc installation with LVM

3.2-2 fixes the non-LVM case, while it doesn't fix the second one, since
we're now getting a different issue, apparently about primary partition
count. I'll try to post more details soon.

I've rebuilt a netinst image with 3.1-4 and I can confirm that just
downgrading parted's udebs to this version makes d-i work again like it
did past week when I uploaded d-i in preparation for the D-I Jessie Beta
1 release.

Given this particular bug was also present in 3.2-1 (even if masked by
the alignment issue), I'm versioning it as found in 3.2-1, so that 3.2-2
has a chance to migrate when it's old enough. If that doesn't sound like
a good idea, please adjust version [and explain why ;)].


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