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Re: Reverting to GNOME for jessie's default desktop

On Friday 08 August 2014 15:15:17 vitalif@yourcmc.ru wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not a Debian developer, just a Debian user, and I want to say that I
> was happy to see XFCE being the default DE. Just because it's small,
> classic and neutral DE - which GNOME 3 definitely isn't. I think XFCE is
> a better default... because I think it's not that uncommon for people to
> really dislike GNOME 3.
> But, generally speaking, I think that the whole debian-installer's
> "tasksel" is implemented inconveniently. You don't even know what you'll
> get after installing these very broadly defined "desktop environment",
> "web server", "database server", "mail server" tasks...
> It installs exim for mail server, but I never use exim, I use postfix;
> it installs postgresql, but I need mysql more often; same for gnome3 - I
> never use gnome3, I use either XFCE or KDE... So I have to either purge
> it after installation or check nothing in the installer, and install
> everything by hand from the console.
> Not a big deal of course, but for me it makes tasksel useless. Why
> debian-installer couldn't provide you with some choice? Of course if
> you're just using a CD/DVD image and have limited or no internet access
> you can't choose the DE that's not on your CD/DVD; but now there is no
> choice even when you use the netinstall image...
I am also a user not a DD, and long ago (I have been a Debian user for all
my systems since 2001) I stopped using tasksel to install things like the
desktop/database/mail server.  I install a basic system and then install
what I actually want (usually KDE/Postgresql/Exim4/Apache).

I do see that not having something like the current tasksel questions leads
to questions like "I install Debian and all I have is a command line, where
is the graphical interface?" which appear periodically even with the tasksel
I would have thought it better to have a two level structure, where you are
asked for instance if you want a database, and if you select it you are
then asked which one (which can have a default for newbies).  Similarly for
desktop you would be asked XFCE/Gnome/KDE.


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