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Bug#758921: debian-installer I18N: "partitioning iSCSI targets" not localized

Quoting Holger Wansing (hwansing@mailbox.org):
> Package: debian-installer
> Hi,
> I just noticed something in the Jessie beta1 netinst image, that confused
> my translator's mind:
> in the partitioning step, there is a menu entry "Configure iSCSI volumes",
> which appears in English, while I chosed German as language, and I have
> German fully translated AFAIK.
> Also the rest of that topic is not translated, as
> 	"This menu allows you to configure iSCSI volumes"
> 	"Log into iSCSI targets"
> 	"Finish"
> 	"Enter an IP address to scan for iSCSI targets. To use a
> 	port other than the default of 3260, use "IP:port" notation ..."
> Everything in english.
> It seems there is something not marked as translatable.

I just pushed a change which should make all these strings appear in
sublevel 3 (the strings do not show up in a default install, I think).

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