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Re: Bug#759177: Package: installation-reports

Control: retitle -1 installation-reports: network KO with graphical mode, OK with text mode; missing touchpad support

Matt C <collier.matthew@gmail.com> (2014-08-24):
> Comments/Problems: Using the graphical installer, the installer was
> not able to pull an IP address from my router.  Also, the touchpad
> was not functioning.
> However, I was able to successfully install using the text installer.
> I also submitted the successful install report: Bug#759172

Hi, and thanks for your report.

It'd be nice if netcfg people (cc'd) could check what happens in your
logs.  I'm not totally sure what could be different between graphical
and text modes which could explain this.

The touchpad issue might be “automatically” fixed with a newer kernel
at some point (missing HW support or missing module in a udeb), and I
think it's slightly lower priority to debug that issue.


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