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Bug#758762: Please drop acpi-support from task-laptop

Quoting Michael Biebl (biebl@debian.org):
> Package: tasksel-data
> Version: 3.20
> Severity: normal
> Hi,
> looking at [1] I'm really concerned that we still install acpi-support
> by default via task-laptop. acpi-support does a lot of scary stuff and
> pulls in deprecated components like consolekit on everyones laptop.
> With the switch to systemd, there is no longer a compelling reason to
> install acpi-support (and acpid) by default, as logind already does the
> key event handling (suspend/hibernate/lid-switch) in a match saner way.
> Please consider dropping acpi-support (and eventually acpid) from
> task-laptop.

Added to my TODO list. I'll probably upload tasksel with all pending
changes in the upcomign days.

BTW, Michael, if you'd like to get commit access in tasksel git repo
(as you're heavily involved in desktop-related work), feel free to

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