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Bug#760014: win32-loader "This program doesn't support" dialog box hidden by browser window

Package: win32-loader
Version: 0.7.5

I downloaded the daily-build jessie iso today for amd64. I double
clicked on the downloaded file and Windows 8 opened it as disk F:.

I tried double clicking setup.exe on F: from within Windows 8. The
Choose Language dialog box appeared, and I clicked OK. The computer
beeped, a Debian-installer loader message alert box was displayed, and
the file:///F:/README.html page was displayed in the browser.

The issue I have is that the web page is displayed _last_. The dialog
box displaying the problem was hidden behind the browser window. I
didn't notice the dialog box until I went to shut down the computer,
after having been confused by the nice README information but assuming
there must have been some problem anyway.

Is there any way to reliably make the dialog box appear _after_ the
browser window comes up? That would make more sense in this instance.

Chris Tillman

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