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Bug#757552: Guided and manual LVM fails

m.li@mazzanet.net.au <m.li@mazzanet.net.au> (2014-08-09):
> Package: debian-installer
> Version: 20140802
> When using both 20140802 and latest nightly amd64 hd-media
> installer, when I get to the "Partition hard drives" stage and
> choose "Guided - used entire disk and setup LVM", choose any of the
> recipes (single, separate /home, etc.), the install then fails and I
> get an error message stating "This probably happened because there
> are too many (primary) partitions in the partition table.".
> Upon continuing, I can see the following partitions have been created:
> - ~250MB /boot partition
> - LVM partition/volume using the rest of the disk space
> - LVM volume group ([hostname]-vg)
> - "root" LVM volume, ~300MB
> If I then manually go to "Configure the Logical Volume Manager",
> remove the existing "root" volume, create appropriately sized
> volumes and go back to the partition list, the list is now as
> follows:
> - ~250MB /boot partition
> - LVM partition/volume using the rest of the disk space
> ie. The volume group and volumes are missing.
> Choosing "Manual" partitioning also has the same effect.
> syslog doesn't show any errors:
> Aug  9 07:41:11 partman-lvm:   Writing physical volume data to disk
> "/dev/cciss/c0d0p5"
> Aug  9 07:41:11 partman-lvm:   Physical volume "/dev/cciss/c0d0p5"
> successfully created
> Aug  9 07:41:11 partman-lvm:   Volume group "hp1" successfully created
> Aug  9 07:41:12 partman-lvm:   Logical volume "root" created
> Guided and Manual LVM works correctly in the stable 7.6 installer.


thanks for your report. That's indeed a known bug, which is tracked
through #757417 filed against libparted2-udeb, and what's preventing
us from releasing a beta 1.


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