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Bug#757818: partman-lvm: Refuses to reinstall if it find old lvm volume

On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 05:39:43PM +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> Package: partman-lvm
> Version: 91
> After the parted API change and fixes, I ran into a new problem when
> testing Debian Edu based on Jessie.  The installation hang and the log
> report that something is waiting on a prompt.  I normally test in a
> virtual machine, and reuse the hard drive every time.  After
> <URL: https://bugs.debian.org/757417 > and related bugs were fixed in
> partman, reinstallation hang.  These are the last few messages in the
> syslog before the hang:
> Aug 11 15:01:10 partman-lvm: WARNING: swap signature detected on /dev/vg_system/swap_1. Wipe it? [y/n]
> Checking ps show that lvcreate is hanging, with a call looklike like
> this: "lvcreate -l 255 -n swap_1 vg_system" from partman-lvm.
> Looking in the partman-lvm source, I find the code in
> <URL:http://sources.debian.net/src/partman-lvm/91/lib/lvm-base.sh/?hl=480#L480>,
> which I suspect is the cause of this hang:
> 	log-output -t partman-lvm lvcreate -l "$extents" -n "$lv" $vg
> Could the old behaviour where reinstallation work be reintroduced?

Same problem with xen-tools and fai-setup-storage (CC'ing bugs).

lvm2 2.02.105 introduces --wipesignatures option, so another option
along with --yes missing in wheezy.

man lvcreate says that if not specified, signature wiping is done each
time zeroing is done, and given zeroing is enabled by default, shouldn't
it wipe signatures by default? I didn't test it.

 -W, --wipesignatures {y|n}
       Controls  wiping of detected signatures on newly created Logical Volume.
       If this option is not specified, then by default signature wiping is
       done each time the zeroing (-Z/--zero) is done. This default behaviour
       can be  controlled  by  allocation/wipe_signatures_when_zeroing_new_lvs
       setting found in lvm.conf(5).
       If  blkid  wiping is used (allocation/use_blkid_wiping setting in
       lvm.conf(5)) and LVM2 is compiled with blkid wiping support, then
       blkid(8) library is used to detect the signatures (use blkid -k command
       to list the signatures that are  recognized).   Otherwise, native LVM2
       code is used to detect signatures (MD RAID, swap and LUKS signatures are
       detected only in this case).  Logical Volume is not wiped if the read
       only flag is set.

 -Z, --zero {y|n}
        Controls zeroing of the first 4KiB of data in the new logical volume.
        Default is yes.
        Volume will not be zeroed if the read only flag is set.
        Snapshot volumes are zeroed always.


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